Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Bling Bling!!

Hey my make up geeks!!

Today I'm going to share with you how to make bedazzled case or cover for your phone. I've seen many bedazzled cases which costs too much.Some cases costs PKR1390. I've also seen many pages on  Facebook which are selling these phone cases for PKR2100.But these phone cases are only for iPhone . Since I've Sony Ericsson Xperia phone so such covers don't fit on my phone.Plus most of the covers are made up of plastic which can peel off the color of the phones.So I avoid such kind of covers. I've that transparent cover made up of rubber which is kinda boring.So I'm going to make it interesting and dazzling.

So lets get started!

Things That I'd Used:
  • An ordinary transparent cover
  • Dazzling Stickers
Things That I'd Used

So first you've to take your ordinary cover.If you don't have that cover,you can purchase it from any mobile shop. I'd purchased that cover from Singapore plaza, Saddar,Rawalpindi for PKR100. And then take your bedazzled stickers,which are easily available from any gift shop,I'd purchased these stickers from Impressions which is located in Westridge-I,Rawalpindi.It costs me PKR100. Stick these  stickers on your transparent cover in any manner you want as they come in stripes.You can cut it and design it in any way you like.

Dazzling Stickers

Here I'd stick the stickers in linear way, leaving no spacing behind except for the camera's lens and speakers area.
These stickers comes in many colors.But I chose green color cause green is my color for this Spring/Summer 2013.I love the quality of these stickers as they do not peel off the color of the phone plus don't leave the dirty grey sticky material on your cover.So if you feel to remove it,you can easily remove it anytime you want.

My Bedazzled Phone

So I hope you'll like the post!
So what do you preferred the most Bedazzled cheap and good cover for your phone like this OR Expensive Plastic Bedazzled Cover?
Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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