Sunday, 30 September 2012

Car Mela Flowery Over Sized Eye Shadow Palette

Hello my Makeup Geeks!!
Today I'm going to give you a review on one of the product from my Eid-Ul-Fitr Haul and its Car Mela  over sized eye shadow palette.I'm sorry for posting this so late cause I was busy in giving entrance tests for medical colleges so I didn't get the chance to post this.
Anyways Car Mela is a Chinese brand,hardly anyone knows about this brand but I guess that purchasing this palette was in my luck.I was supposed to purchase coastal scents 88 matte palette but that was not available in that big local drug store so I asked the sales man over there to show me some good quality matte palettes then he started to show me the palettes.I don't remember the brands he showed me but they were all cheap and some of them were shimmery so I rejected them.Then I asked him to show me glamorous 48+48 eye shadow palette cause I'd seen this palette on some of the blogs and heard from big bloggers that they are similar to that of coastal scents and blah blah.It seems to be so good in pictures but in reality to be very honest it was shit,I mean they were so yuck and then he showed me Car mela.When I first saw it I was like I never heard about this brand but when I opened it the colors were so bright,smooth,opaque and pigmented so I purchased it without giving much interest that whether this brand exists or not.It resembles to single eye shadows by M.A.C cosmetics.

So there are Two palettes in a plastic Case having 15 eye shadows in each palette.One palette is matte and the other one is shimmer.

Left palette is matte and Right one is shimmer









The shimmer ones don't require primer but matte ones require primer cause they are pastely and to settle them I've to prime my eyes before applying matte one.They are amazing but the only problem with them is they are so stubborn I've to wash them through slight rubbing.I prefer to use them not everyday only when you feel to make a fun look and ocassionally.

Purchased from Medi Plus,Al Amin Plaza,The Mall,Rawalpindi Pakistan
My Ratings:4/5

I hope you'll gonna like this post.Much love to all pretty Ladies who are reading my post:)

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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Big Hot Trend Fall 2012-OMBRE Lips

Hello my makeup geeks!!
Today I'm going to make Ombre lips.The Word 'Ombre is a French word which means shade or shadow.This fall ombre lips are the hottest trend.To excess this look take two lipsticks of different colors.Apply one color on upper half of your lips and another on lower half of your lips.Note that one color must be light and the other color must be dark so that there will be a effect of color gradient.After applying the lipstick gently squeeze/press your lips.Don't try to smudge it every where.If you've any type of smudge outside the lips then clean them by applying concealer by a concealer brush around your lips.

These are two combinations that I've made.I'd made the first combination by applying neon pink on upper half of the lips and neon Orange on lower half of the lips.This is perfect for summer and for those who love to have bubbly look.

Neon Pink and Neon Orange
I'd made the second combination by applying Maroon lipstick on my upper half of the lips and bright red on lower half of my lip.Then I'd squeeze them gently.This is perfect for fall,so sexy and vampy!

Maroon And bright Red

So I hope you like the two combinations that I'd made.You can make your own combinations by applying different colors.
Give me your thoughts regarding to the combinations I'd made. 

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012


This fall,the make up trends are back to 90's.In 90's there was a hot trend of matching lips with finger tips which was retro itself.There was a time when local cosmetics companies of Pakistan were offering the nail polish with the same color of lip color.It was a trend set by Revlon with their first vintage compaign with the tag line 'Matching Lips With Finger Tips in 1930's.

Pansy Mouths:
The trend for this fall include 'Pansy Mouths' which is a combination of lighter eyes and darker lips.Pansy Mouths comprises the colors of Burgundy,Damson,Grape,Amethstine,Heliotrope,Livid,Magenta,Mulberry,Plum,Purple,raisin and Solfterino.

Pansy Mouths

Futuristic Eyes:

This look is so Fashion forward,very hard edges.Its like dare to wear,On the other hand it is more playful and experimentive.To intensify the eyes with Black Kohl is a major component of this look.Futuristic eyes can be excess by putting bold colors with crazy strokes.The best option to enhance your eyes by applying thick eyeliners to winged eyes.

Futuristic Eyes
Defined Brows:
This fall Defined brows are so in trend.Strong eye brows continued to draw more attention on eyes.Defined brows can be excess by making strong brows,playing up shape by feathering on pencils and shadows to intensify the arch.To make it more fansy add some sparkles in the form of gel glitter on brows.

Defined Brows

Multi-Toned Eyes:
This look can be attainted by applying brilliant Blue-Brown plumes of peacock,cool painterly green of land scapes and Cobalt Sea.Hints of gold and silver can be used to soften the look and complement the skin tone.Colored mascaras like purple and blue can be used to attain this look.

Multi-Toned Eyes
Fresh And Natural Faces:
Fresh and Natural faces are usually reserved for spring but this is a trend for this fall.This look can be attained by doing monochromatic contouring with nude tones,fresh and inventive pops of lipsticks on the cheeks and dewy compexions.

Fresh and Natural Faces

Smoky Browns:
This rich look can be attained by rimming the eyes with anything from Khaki to Mocha and then blurring it.This look can be layered on for more or less intensity and suits all complexions.

Smoky Browns
I'm loving this trend report for this fall.So what do you think??Share your thoughts with me about this report..

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Monday, 10 September 2012

Cosmetic Contact Lenses By Expression Colors

Expression Colors is a UK brand which makes Cosmetic lenses.Their colors are so natural.I really like blue,green and gray eyes,People having such eye color attracts me so much.I have hazel eyes but whenever I apply make up like when I make smoky eyes and give my eyes a smudgy effect my eye color and that eye shadow color they merge in to one another so I decided to buy cosmetic lenses of natural colors so that my make up will be obvious as I love to make different looks.I went with my cousin as she knows that which color of lenses will match my skin tone cause she wears contact lenses all the times and had tried a lot of contact lenses companies as her eye sight is weak.We both entered to the Medi Plus and asked them that they have companies like Adore etc.They were like 'No Don't have Such Brands' then they showed me Expression colors booklet and My cousin chose Gray color for me so I purchased them and they gave me the lenses along with the case and solution for free.Their life is about 6 months so you can use them only for six months.
Expression Colors

Packaging Of Lenses

How they looks in their case

Applied them on my eyes and I'm also wearing Make up with them.

Purchased from Medi Plus,Al Amin Plaza,The Mall,Rawalpindi,Pakistan

I hope you like them
P.S Do they look great with make up?Give your thoughts:)

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Vampy Look!!

Hello My Make Up Geeks!

Today I'm making Vampy look its simple and easy.This is fall 2012 trend too so I thought it will be good if I will share this..I was just inspired by Katy Perry's look in wide awake song.I'd put my effort to make this look and it turned to be good.The mood of this look is more bold I hope you'll like it.

Vampy Look!

Things I've used:

For Face:
The Body Shop Moisturizing Foundation SPF 15
Luscious Studio Secret Concealer
Loreal Bare Naturale Translucent Powder
Neutrogena Custom Glow Bronzer and Blush in Posie Glow #20

For Eyes:
Essence Eye Shadow Base
Essence Sun Club Glamour To Go Eye Shadow Palette in Long Beach
Calvin Klein Liquid Eyeliner
Diana Of London Movie Magic Mascara
Luscious Eye Brow Definer

For Lips:
Etude Lip Pencil in Maroon
Atiqa Odho Lip Stick In Bold

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Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Khaadi-Outfit of the day

I wore this outfit on Eid day but was unable to post this as I was busy in my medical studies.I'm sorry for that,Anyways I'm wearing khaadi fusion top in red color which is a screened printed 100% cotton.I'm also wearing denim  jeggings from stone age.

So lets get started to check how I accessorized my outfit, where I'd purchased them from and the look I'd made!!

I'd purchased Khaadi fusion top from Khaadi Outlet,Saddar,RWP,Pakistan 
Purchased Denim Jeggings From Stone Age Outlet,Saddar,RWP,Pakistan
An overall look
This was the look which I'd made on Eid Day,totally natural and bronzy and I'd made Fish braid.
Fish braid

These were the High heels which I wore them with my outfit.They are Reptilian textured leather high heels.
Purchased them from Imperial Stores,Saddar,RWP,Pakistan

Reptilia textured High heels
I'd wore Go tribal ring,Swatch watch,Glow bracelet and leather band with my outfit.
Purchased Go tribal ring from some Local stall,Saddar,RWP,Pakistan
I didn't purchased Swatch watch,My uncle gifted me from germany and this was about 60 Euros or something like that I'm not sure :P
Purchased Glow Bracelet and Leather Band From Haroon's,Saddar,RWP,Pakistan
Go tribal Ring,Swatch watch,Glow bracelet and leather band
Purchased Round Earrings from a Local stall,Saddar,Rawalpindi,Pakistan.
Round Earrings

I hope that you like my outfit and the way I'd accessorized my out fit
Much Love To All The Prettiest Ladies Who are reading it <3