Thursday, 13 September 2012

Big Hot Trend Fall 2012-OMBRE Lips

Hello my makeup geeks!!
Today I'm going to make Ombre lips.The Word 'Ombre is a French word which means shade or shadow.This fall ombre lips are the hottest trend.To excess this look take two lipsticks of different colors.Apply one color on upper half of your lips and another on lower half of your lips.Note that one color must be light and the other color must be dark so that there will be a effect of color gradient.After applying the lipstick gently squeeze/press your lips.Don't try to smudge it every where.If you've any type of smudge outside the lips then clean them by applying concealer by a concealer brush around your lips.

These are two combinations that I've made.I'd made the first combination by applying neon pink on upper half of the lips and neon Orange on lower half of the lips.This is perfect for summer and for those who love to have bubbly look.

Neon Pink and Neon Orange
I'd made the second combination by applying Maroon lipstick on my upper half of the lips and bright red on lower half of my lip.Then I'd squeeze them gently.This is perfect for fall,so sexy and vampy!

Maroon And bright Red

So I hope you like the two combinations that I'd made.You can make your own combinations by applying different colors.
Give me your thoughts regarding to the combinations I'd made. 

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  1. OMG! OMG!
    Love the way you made your lips exactly ombre!

  2. I like the first one but I LOOOVE the second one! perect for halloween! :)

  3. Where to get Neon Pink and Neon Orange in Lipsticks?? please specify the place and lipstick names.
    secondly my lips are so bold i mean they thin (not too much but i mean to say that they r not too pouty) so how can i shape the like urs. please reply me in detail :(

    1. The neon pink lipstick is from Atiqa Odho in Passion and the neon orange is from M.A.C in Angel.And Sorry I'm not here to give the tutorials its hard to give the tutorials on blog spot as compared to you tube.

  4. Hello Mahnoor! I give you an award..please check it out


  5. ooo so pretty! I did something like the first lip this summer, though, I would of never thought of the second lip! Will try it for sure!