Wednesday, 12 September 2012


This fall,the make up trends are back to 90's.In 90's there was a hot trend of matching lips with finger tips which was retro itself.There was a time when local cosmetics companies of Pakistan were offering the nail polish with the same color of lip color.It was a trend set by Revlon with their first vintage compaign with the tag line 'Matching Lips With Finger Tips in 1930's.

Pansy Mouths:
The trend for this fall include 'Pansy Mouths' which is a combination of lighter eyes and darker lips.Pansy Mouths comprises the colors of Burgundy,Damson,Grape,Amethstine,Heliotrope,Livid,Magenta,Mulberry,Plum,Purple,raisin and Solfterino.

Pansy Mouths

Futuristic Eyes:

This look is so Fashion forward,very hard edges.Its like dare to wear,On the other hand it is more playful and experimentive.To intensify the eyes with Black Kohl is a major component of this look.Futuristic eyes can be excess by putting bold colors with crazy strokes.The best option to enhance your eyes by applying thick eyeliners to winged eyes.

Futuristic Eyes
Defined Brows:
This fall Defined brows are so in trend.Strong eye brows continued to draw more attention on eyes.Defined brows can be excess by making strong brows,playing up shape by feathering on pencils and shadows to intensify the arch.To make it more fansy add some sparkles in the form of gel glitter on brows.

Defined Brows

Multi-Toned Eyes:
This look can be attainted by applying brilliant Blue-Brown plumes of peacock,cool painterly green of land scapes and Cobalt Sea.Hints of gold and silver can be used to soften the look and complement the skin tone.Colored mascaras like purple and blue can be used to attain this look.

Multi-Toned Eyes
Fresh And Natural Faces:
Fresh and Natural faces are usually reserved for spring but this is a trend for this fall.This look can be attained by doing monochromatic contouring with nude tones,fresh and inventive pops of lipsticks on the cheeks and dewy compexions.

Fresh and Natural Faces

Smoky Browns:
This rich look can be attained by rimming the eyes with anything from Khaki to Mocha and then blurring it.This look can be layered on for more or less intensity and suits all complexions.

Smoky Browns
I'm loving this trend report for this fall.So what do you think??Share your thoughts with me about this report..

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  1. I have been loving these trends! So much fun!! :P