Monday, 10 September 2012

Cosmetic Contact Lenses By Expression Colors

Expression Colors is a UK brand which makes Cosmetic lenses.Their colors are so natural.I really like blue,green and gray eyes,People having such eye color attracts me so much.I have hazel eyes but whenever I apply make up like when I make smoky eyes and give my eyes a smudgy effect my eye color and that eye shadow color they merge in to one another so I decided to buy cosmetic lenses of natural colors so that my make up will be obvious as I love to make different looks.I went with my cousin as she knows that which color of lenses will match my skin tone cause she wears contact lenses all the times and had tried a lot of contact lenses companies as her eye sight is weak.We both entered to the Medi Plus and asked them that they have companies like Adore etc.They were like 'No Don't have Such Brands' then they showed me Expression colors booklet and My cousin chose Gray color for me so I purchased them and they gave me the lenses along with the case and solution for free.Their life is about 6 months so you can use them only for six months.
Expression Colors

Packaging Of Lenses

How they looks in their case

Applied them on my eyes and I'm also wearing Make up with them.

Purchased from Medi Plus,Al Amin Plaza,The Mall,Rawalpindi,Pakistan

I hope you like them
P.S Do they look great with make up?Give your thoughts:)

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the lipstick you're wearing? What brand/shade is it? And the contacts suit you! :)

    1. Haha I just borrowed this lip stick from my sister.BTW I'm wearing Dior Lipstick :)

  2. i'd agree with the other poster, your lipstick shade is just AWESOME. can u please borrow it again and share the brand and shade with us? pretty please!
    p.s. your contacts look super good n supernatural on u! :)

  3. PLease tell the shade and brand of the lip color...and from it was purchased so that I cant get it too..if the brand is not available here in Pakista (in case if its gifted or brought from abroad) then please let me know any alternate brand in which i can get the SAME Red shade!
    And one more thing i want to know that how to apply such makeup on eyes i really want to learn (very natural n white white :D) Please let me know in detail... n each n everything what u ve used onmake ur eyes


    1. The lipstick is from Christian Dior in Iconic Red but unfortunately its not available in Pakistan.One of my Aunt gifted this lipstick to my sister.And yeah I've used Essence quattro on my eyes,If you want to see it then go to my post 'Atlast I did my Eid Haul 2012'.You can use Essence lipstick in Red carpet.

    2. OKey Thank you! :)

      I checked that essence quattro, will buy it next :) its brownish..right?
      ok thanks for telling me the alternate shade of any lipstick. will buy it soon. cause im really loving it!
      thanks dear.

  4. and the lower lash line and close area to that is can I cover that??? plus my eyes are litle set can i make my eyes well for makeup..

  5. Thanks for sharing.. ! very nice post.

  6. Great review, thanks for sharing it here !

    i like the way you present your blog post.

    I will visit your blog more often

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    Enjoy and stay pretty : )