Monday, 10 September 2012

Vampy Look!!

Hello My Make Up Geeks!

Today I'm making Vampy look its simple and easy.This is fall 2012 trend too so I thought it will be good if I will share this..I was just inspired by Katy Perry's look in wide awake song.I'd put my effort to make this look and it turned to be good.The mood of this look is more bold I hope you'll like it.

Vampy Look!

Things I've used:

For Face:
The Body Shop Moisturizing Foundation SPF 15
Luscious Studio Secret Concealer
Loreal Bare Naturale Translucent Powder
Neutrogena Custom Glow Bronzer and Blush in Posie Glow #20

For Eyes:
Essence Eye Shadow Base
Essence Sun Club Glamour To Go Eye Shadow Palette in Long Beach
Calvin Klein Liquid Eyeliner
Diana Of London Movie Magic Mascara
Luscious Eye Brow Definer

For Lips:
Etude Lip Pencil in Maroon
Atiqa Odho Lip Stick In Bold

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  1. Love it! The third pictures my favorite :)

    1. Thank you Nayab for appreciating this look :)

  2. hey mahnoor i like ur look yar + i love ur honesty :) if u understand what i mean :)

    1. Thank you for your support Fashionable Doll :)

  3. Hey Please HOw can i learn to apply it :(...Kuch mere jaisy DUMB insaan bhi hoty hain jinko sirf cheezain dekh k nahi pata chal sakta k makeup karna kaisy hai to get the look which u have shown in this...u ve mention all the products used but procedure he bata doh step by step... eyes ka especially! :( please!

  4. Hello author!

    Plzzz do show a look with your eyes closed, so that we can see the eyeshadows how it has been stroked. color used can be seen easily. how would i know which shades u have used from the palette. outer corners n the middle of the eye and on lid which shade u have used. lemme know girl!

  5. Hey tell me the shades u have used frm da palette..
    and r u wearing contact lense in this look or not??

  6. hi im Hajra from rawalpindi....i must say vry naiiiiceeee..shw us some more looks! n with same guidence..thankssss..bless ya!

  7. n which eyeshade n lipstick u hv used in ur profile pic here on ur blog. i really like the color plz mention the lipstic n eyeshade u ve used on eyes ..Hajra masood