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Essence Pure Skin 4 in 1 Anti-Spot Cream Wash

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Essence Pure Skin 4 in 1 Anti-Spot Cream Wash

Today I'm going to share with you pretty girls Essence Pure Skin 4 in 1 Anti-Spot Cream Wash. So let's scroll down to find what this product says and my thoughts regarding this!

What Essence Pure Skin 4 in 1 Anti-Spot Cream Wash Says?
This cream wash is the ultimate face product: it has a quadruple effect against impurities! It deep-cleanses your skin, removes blackheads and dead skin cells, mattifies your complexion and refines the pores. Can be used for daily cleansing, as a peeling or as a mask.

Essence Pure Skin 4 in 1 Anti-Spot Cream Wash

My Thoughts:
Starting off with the packaging, it comes in a squeeze tube which is good cause it's easy to use and is more hygienic than jar. The color of the cream wash looks light blue/greyish/minty to me and it has some scrub pieces or granules in it which is a positive point in my opinion as these granules helps peeling of dead cells and removes black heads efficiently. The texture of this cream wash is just like mousse and I find the texture quite the same as body butters. It spreads well, nothing difficult about it. I'd used it as a cleanser and as a mask.

As a Cleanser: It does remove all my make up and my skin feels soft and fresh. It does almost everything it promises but leaves my skin a little dry so I recommend to use moisturizer after using it. 

As a Mask: I don't know what happened but when I applied it on my face it stung so badly I had to take it off. The package says to let it on for 3 mins when used as a mask, I had it on for about 1 min. Maybe my skin is too sensitive or I'm allergic to something in it but that did NOT feel right. So I recommend to apply as a mask only on black heads area as it works amazingly well. 

So this product is a must TRY!

Essence Pure Skin 4 in 1 Anti-Spot Cream Wash

You can purchase Essence Pure Skin 4 in 1 Anti-Spot Cream Wash From all leading stores across Pakistan
Price: PKR530
My Ratings: 3.75/5

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  1. I think i have the older version of this one or something similar to this one. Nice review :)

  2. Great review on the product.

  3. it made for my skin.. but would love to try in summer.. thanks for the review

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  5. This looks good! I really like their Pure Skin Range