Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Lizard Girl Look For Halloween

Hello my make up geeks!!
Today I'm going to make a Lizard girl look for Halloween.Some of the people were continuously saying me to give them a tutorial.Well personally I don't like to take pictures step by step I believe that giving tutorials through video is more understanding and easy.Besides that I usually don't have time too cause of my tough studies.But I'll try my best to give you a tutorial.As Halloween is so near and a lot of us are deciding that what look they will gonna make on Halloween.So I thought it would be better to make a Lizard Girl look and give a tutorial on that.

Products that I've used:

For Face:
The Body Shop Moisturizing Foundation
L'Oreal Bare Minerals Translucent Powder
Luscious Studio Secret Concealer
Neutrogena  Blush and Bronzer in Posie Glow
Sleek Highlighter
 Eyeshadows in shimmery Dark purple and Matte Black From Carmela Palette

For Eyes:
Essence I Love Stage Eye Shadow Base
Carmela Oversized EyeShadow Palette
Essence Longlasting Eye liner pencil
Calvin Klein Liquid Eye liner
Luscious Eye Brow Definer
Diana Of London Movie Magic Mascara

For Lips:
Etude Tea Pink Lipstick

So lets get started!!

1.Apply The body Shop Foundation all over the face With help of Brush 'B'.
2.Then conceal any imperfections you have by applying Luscious Studio Secret Concealer.
3.Fix Concealer and foundation by applying L'Oreal Bare Minerals Translucent powder with the help of      Brush 'A'.
4.Apply Essence I love Stage Eye Shadow Base all over the lid.

5.Take L eye shadows mix them and apply them on the lids with the help of brush 'C'.
6.Apply I eye shadow on the inner corners of the eye with the help of brush 'F'.and with help of same brush apply eye shadows L on lower Lash line.
7.Apply L eye shadow which is on the left side on the crease with the help of brush 'E'.
8.Apply I Eye shadow on brow bone with the help of brush 'D'.
9.Now take essence long lasting eyeliner pencil in Black fever and apply it on your water line.
10.Curl the lashes and apply Diana of London Mascara and then wear Eye lashes for Dramatic look.
11.With the help of Calvin Klein draw some dots below your brows.
12.Define your brows by using Luscious Eye Brow Definer.
13.Contour your face by applying Neutrogena Bronzer on the hollows of the cheeks,nose with the help of brush 'H'.After that highlight your features by using Sleek Highlighter on Fore Head,Cheek bone and fore head.
14.Take Eye shadow L and F and make some dots with the help of Brush 'G' on sides of your fore head,cheeks and neck.
15.Apply Etude Tea pink on the lips for the finishing look.

Note:If you have contact lenses so wear them before applying makeup and if don't then skip this step.

Eye Make up

More looks for Halloween will be coming your way soon.I hope you'll gonna like this look.Give me your thoughts about this look by commenting below :)

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  1. Love the eyes...


  2. I cant say something mahnoor.

  3. Sade L Looks Black on Palette but on ur lid it looks blueish...why??

    1. As I mentioned that mix the two L shades i.e matte black and shimmery grey,So when you'll mix them together and apply them on your lids so a shade of blueish or gray greenish will be formed cause the specks present in shimmery grey are bluish so they will cast the blueish kinda color on matte black :)

  4. oh ok! that was the confusion :) I got it now...gonna try thiss soon cause im upto buy this in a day..thanks manoor

  5. awsum look mahnoor! tell me abt da lenses, exact color wid brand,so catchy :)