Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Lizard Girl Look For Halloween

Hello my make up geeks!!
Today I'm going to make a Lizard girl look for Halloween.Some of the people were continuously saying me to give them a tutorial.Well personally I don't like to take pictures step by step I believe that giving tutorials through video is more understanding and easy.Besides that I usually don't have time too cause of my tough studies.But I'll try my best to give you a tutorial.As Halloween is so near and a lot of us are deciding that what look they will gonna make on Halloween.So I thought it would be better to make a Lizard Girl look and give a tutorial on that.

Products that I've used:

For Face:
The Body Shop Moisturizing Foundation
L'Oreal Bare Minerals Translucent Powder
Luscious Studio Secret Concealer
Neutrogena  Blush and Bronzer in Posie Glow
Sleek Highlighter
 Eyeshadows in shimmery Dark purple and Matte Black From Carmela Palette

For Eyes:
Essence I Love Stage Eye Shadow Base
Carmela Oversized EyeShadow Palette
Essence Longlasting Eye liner pencil
Calvin Klein Liquid Eye liner
Luscious Eye Brow Definer
Diana Of London Movie Magic Mascara

For Lips:
Etude Tea Pink Lipstick

So lets get started!!

1.Apply The body Shop Foundation all over the face With help of Brush 'B'.
2.Then conceal any imperfections you have by applying Luscious Studio Secret Concealer.
3.Fix Concealer and foundation by applying L'Oreal Bare Minerals Translucent powder with the help of      Brush 'A'.
4.Apply Essence I love Stage Eye Shadow Base all over the lid.

5.Take L eye shadows mix them and apply them on the lids with the help of brush 'C'.
6.Apply I eye shadow on the inner corners of the eye with the help of brush 'F'.and with help of same brush apply eye shadows L on lower Lash line.
7.Apply L eye shadow which is on the left side on the crease with the help of brush 'E'.
8.Apply I Eye shadow on brow bone with the help of brush 'D'.
9.Now take essence long lasting eyeliner pencil in Black fever and apply it on your water line.
10.Curl the lashes and apply Diana of London Mascara and then wear Eye lashes for Dramatic look.
11.With the help of Calvin Klein draw some dots below your brows.
12.Define your brows by using Luscious Eye Brow Definer.
13.Contour your face by applying Neutrogena Bronzer on the hollows of the cheeks,nose with the help of brush 'H'.After that highlight your features by using Sleek Highlighter on Fore Head,Cheek bone and fore head.
14.Take Eye shadow L and F and make some dots with the help of Brush 'G' on sides of your fore head,cheeks and neck.
15.Apply Etude Tea pink on the lips for the finishing look.

Note:If you have contact lenses so wear them before applying makeup and if don't then skip this step.

Eye Make up

More looks for Halloween will be coming your way soon.I hope you'll gonna like this look.Give me your thoughts about this look by commenting below :)

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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Essence Sun Club Glamour To Go Eye Shadow Palette-Long Beach

Hello My Makeup Geeks!!
Today I'm going to give you a review on Essence Sun Club Glamour To Go Eye Shadow Palette in Sun club.It is from one of the products from my Eid Haul 2012.As I promised you all that I'll give you a review on it soon so here I'm giving you the review.Sun Club is one of the collection of the essence.The palette contains 8 neutral colors.All of them are neutral except the one which is the fourth shade if you move from left to right in the first row.It is dark brown in color as you can see in the pictures.

Back side Of  Palette


My Thoughts And Views:
The colors in this palette are super shimmery except the one which I mentioned above.They are pigmented too except the first two in the first row are not that much pigmented as you can see in the picture above.When you read glamour to go you can easily understand the meaning of it that for which purpose they are meant to be.They are super shimmery so you can wear them in parties or when your attending someone's wedding.As they are neutral so they can be match with any of the dress you wear on any occasion.They resembles to that of The Body Shop shimmer cubes.That body shop shimmer cubes which contains four Eye shadows in it are about PKR2650 and they are about PKR430. So you can feel the difference between the two.So one who can't afford that body shop shimmer cubes can purchase them.This palette is so pocket friendly plus the positive point which I find in this palette is that this is small and travel friendly I can take it to any where I want to and put it in my Make up bag.The packaging is also cute.I love the customization on the cover and my dresser looks adorable with such cuteness.I don't like the applicator inside it even though its double ended but still I'm okay with it cause in such cheap price they are offering you both things,the eye shadows and  applicator.I also don't like the applicators which Maybelline offers in their Eye shadows so I'm not gonna use the applicator and use my own brushes.Use primer before applying them on your eyes for the better results.

Purchased From The Medi Plus,Al Ameen Plaza,The Mall,Saddar,Rawalpindi,Pakistan


My Ratings:
I hope you'll gonna like this post.Give me your feedback by commenting below!!
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Essence I Love Stage Eye Shadow Base

Hello My Make up Geeks!!
Today I'm going to give you a review on Essence Eye shadow Base.Most of the people were asking me that which primer I recommend them,well to be very honest I'll recommend you to use Urban decay Eye shadow primer but as it is not available in Pakistan and its expensive too.In Pakistan I guess majority of the girls do not wear full makeup daily.They only wear Kohl,eyeliner,Mascaras,lip glosses or Blushes so If you think that spending a lot of money on the product that you use very rarely makes no sense,if you're looking for something which is pocket friendly and gives good result too then give a try to Essence I love stage eye shadow base. The product says that the “I Love Stage” eye shadow base has to get on stage! It can be applied diversely either as primer for concealers or eye shadows. The creamy texture does not crease, makes the eye shadow last longer and appear much more color intensive.


To test this Eye Shadow base I'd use a matte Eye shadow from Car mela Palette randomly.As I mentioned in my previous post that Matte ones present in Car Mela Palette requires eye shadow base when you apply them on lids as they are so pastely.Look at the picture above you can spot out the difference that how it was before applying the base and how it pop out after applying the base.

My Thoughts And Views:
It comes in a sleek tube with a doe-foot applicator.Its easy to apply the base with the applicator.Quantity wise it is 4ml which I think is enough.The texture is really creamy and not very thick so it’s very easy to spread this on the lids with fingers or using a brush and it blends smoothly to a matte finish.I think this is a very decent base for the price.It spreads very easily and blends like a dream to a matte finish. The best part is – it does not cast that stupid white film on the eyes.Comparing this to Urban decay primer Urban decay makes eye shadows last forever, this one only works for about 5-6 hours, which I think is pretty decent. After that, my eye shadow starts fading. However, this does not crease at all. It works better with neutral colors than dark ones.I would say I like it for its light texture, blend ability, and natural matte finish. I have taken away points because of the staying power. If you are looking for cheap eye shadow bases for regular use to save the more expensive ones for special occasions, then definitely give this a try. It delivers on most of its claims and the price is to die for!

Purchased from The Medi Plus,Al Amin Plaza,The Mall,Rawalpindi,Pakistan
Price: PKR390
My Ratings:3.5/5

So what do you think about this product??Give me your thoughts by commenting below :)

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