Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Understated Jewelry Feat. Born Pretty Store

Well hello my fashion geeks!

So new year has begun already. Happy belated new year from me lol. Time flies so quickly, it seems that 2015 was yesterday. Sigh! Anyway back to the business, Today I'm here to share with you stunning, simple, elegant and understated jewelry which I recently got from Born Pretty Store. So if you're a understated jewelry fanatic and want to go for the understated look like me then lets scroll down to find my picks!

1. Rivet Ring Set
So, this Rivet Ring Set contains 4 rings, two midi finger rings and two usual rings. The material and finishing is to die for. Quality is worth it. This set basically comes in Three colors black, silver and gold. As I'm a gold fanatic so I opted to get my hands on gold colored set. This set is stunning!

2. Bracelets:
Being a arm candy fanatic I also opted to get these beautiful yet delicate bow knot bracelet and autumnal leaves bracelet. This autumnal bracelet is simple yet elegant bracelet with detailed leaves which I love the most. The rhinestones in this bow knot bracelet makes it perfect to wear!

3. Floral Pattern Necklace:
You might have noticed that I love to wear necklaces, Necklaces are my must wear accessory and these are one of the things which I don't leave at home! Well I found such necklace at Born Pretty Store which blowed my mind and this one is the Floral Pattern Necklace. Loving each single cut and details of it. Its so chic yet elegant and delicate. It just gave my floral shirt a new look and pop it as well.

Okay, so brooches are something which you can't skipped to wear them on your collar shirts or blazers! I found a really cute collar brooch at Born Pretty Store and without further thinking I put this in my cart. Loving this goodness!

So I hope you'll enjoy this post!
Remember its better to be understated than overstated this year!
And don't forget to use the code MAHT10 to avail 10% discount on Born Pretty Store.

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