Monday, 4 April 2016

Hair Matters Essential Hair Basket

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Just in time when I was facing some real hair problems I recently came to know about Hair matters essential hair basket by one of my friend. In case if you're not familiar with the hair matters, hair matters is an online store based in Lahore,Pakistan which offers natural oils and masks without any preservatives and chemicals. This essential hair basket consists of 2 products, Hair mask and Hair oil. So I received this basket on March 8th and from that time I'm using both of these twice a week! So let's scroll down to find my thoughts on both the hair mask and hair oil!

Hair Matters Ultimate Hair Treat Oil
This hair oil consists of mixture of 14 different oils. You've to shake this properly before use as natural oils tend to sit at the bottom. My hair always face some serious dandruff problems. I used home remedies, used alot of products which claim to perform some anti dandruff action, but none worked for me. But after applying it twice a week my dandruff disappeared like magic. Not only it helps to reduce my dandruff but it also make my hair a lot better than they were before. It does give life to my hair. For me this hair oil is something which is close to a miracle!

Hair Matters Healthy Hair Mask:
This mask comes in powder form and you've to mix the 2 tablespoons of that powder with 2 tablespoons of yogurt and some drops of oil to make a paste and start applying this on your roots to the whole length. After one application I did notice some difference and then i started to use it once a week and I must say that results are amazing. It does made my hair soft, silky and non frizzy. Make sure to use this mask within 24 months as it doesn't contain any preservatives.

Price of Hair Oil: PKR1300
Price of Hair Mask: PKR 500

Price of Basket including delivery charges: PKR 2000
My Ratings: 4/5

You can buy this basket from their Facebook Page

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