Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Born lippy cult lip balm in a stick format. Gives lips a pop of color, a shot of moisture and a soft shine.
  • Moisturizes and conditions lips
  • Light pink tint
  • Subtle shine
  • Fruity berry flavor

    Here Is The Cap Of The Lip Balm:

    An  Overview Of The Stick Lip Balm:

    Here Is The Swatch For It:

    My Thoughts:

    I am a huge fan of the body shop lip balms, and they are the only ones I trust. I think our lips are a very sensitive part of our body and it is not right to play with them with poor quality products. Chapped lips; I can’t stand. I have to keep a lip balm handy all the time.
    All these Born Lippi-es are slightly tinted and that’s what I love. This time I bought the pink berry flavor which has a very fruity scent ,yummy and reminds me of the gummy sweets.People say it tastes sweet and they are absolutely right. The very frosty pink sheen is perfect, just giving enough life to my pale pink lips. The lip balm stays on for a good amount of time and leaves my lips super soft and smooth. This tiny stick seriously lasts for 6-8 months. If you are not bent on buying tinted lip balms then the body shop Lip Butter is a better choice because they are more moisturizing and are also available in chap sticks as well as in pots.This stick has a net weight of 5g which is enough in my point of view.The packaging is damn cute.


    PRICE: PKR650

    Purchased from THE BODY SHOP,Saddar,Rawalpindi,Pakistan.

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