Monday, 18 June 2012

Cucumber Ice Pads DIY

Most of the people are worried about their dark circles.People think that these dark circles are ruining their beauty.Now say bye bye to dark circles and puffiness of eyes cause there is a possible treatment of this thing which is cheap and easy to do.


Cotton pads
Food storage bags

So lets get started!

Take cucumbers in the blender,blend them so that to obtain their juice and mix the cucumber juice with water.

Now pour this mixture in to the bowl.

Take Cotton pads,it can be some or many depending on your treatment schedule whether you store them for  some days,weeks or even for months..I usually take as many of cotton pads as I can.

Now soak these cotton pads one by one in the mixture mentioned above.After that squeeze them to remove the excess of the mixture..

Put these in to food storage bag..

Put this bag in to the freezer to freeze them..

Place these Ice Cucumber Cotton Pads on your eyes for about 10mins before taking the shower..Try this treatment  and I'm sure that your dark circles will be less.Place these cotton pads on your eyes every day..This will provide your eyes a soothing effect and reduces your dark circles of eyes

I had tried many expensive products associating with the solution to the dark circles,also used many eye roll on but they all were useless and never satisfied me..Its just like wasting money!.But this treatment satisfies me a lot!

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  1. I've tried stuff too :( But you seem positive about this so I am definitely going to try this! <3 Thank you for the post!