Saturday, 17 November 2012

Nail Polish Of The Day

Hello My delicate Dolls!!
Today I'm sharing 'Nail Polish Of The Day' with you girls.The nail polish of the day is Bell Magic Magnetic Nail Enamel.I'm in love with this nail enamel cause the striped pattern magically appears on my nails with out doing any effort.

How to attain this?
To attain this first apply the Bell Magic Magnetic Nail enamel and then bring the magnet closer to the enamel when wet(Don't Touch).Wait for 5-10 seconds till the pattern appear.The magnet holder comes with the Nail enamel.Instructions are also written on the back of the magnet holder.So it is damn easy to attain and is not that much time consuming.

Purchased from hayees,Jinnah super,F-7,Islamabad

So I hope you like the Nail Polish of the day..
Do you Find it easy or difficult to attain??Share with us!

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