Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Body Shop Intensive Foot Rescue

Hello my make up Geeks!!
Today I'm going to give you a review on The Body shop Intensive Foot Rescue.

The Body shop Intensive Foot Rescue

The Body shop Intensive Foot Rescue

The Body shop Intensive Foot Rescue

My Thoughts:
As we all know that winters are almost here in Pakistan so Foot creams and hand creams are must to take care of your feet and hands to prevent them from being drying.Personally I don't like winters cause they make me so inactive and there is always a weird feeling in winters.Anyways I'm a big fan of TBS products so I thought it would be better to have Intensive Foot Rescue.So I rush to The Body Shop Outlet and checked many foot creams for that purpose but my eyes got stuck with peppermint Foot Rescue cream as the smell is so yummy that I could rather eat.I asked the sales man to pack that one.When I reached to home I put a little bit on my feet to check how it works.Well I like it a lot as it is not that much sticky and can be easily apply.It soothes dry heels, dehydrates and Softens them.I just love it and will gonna purchase it again when my jar will be empty.

My Ratings:
Purchased From The Body Shop Outlet,Saddar,Rawalpindi,Pakitan

So how many of you like winters??How are you going to prevent dryness in winters??
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