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Merle Norman Hit Islo Now!

Hey my make up geeks!
Merle Norman

I'm here with another post which is on new make up brand named Merle Norman hit Al-Fatah,Centaurus Islamabad.

About Merle Norman:
Merle Norman Cosmetics is a leading brand of premium skin care, foundations and color cosmetic products. Its founder, Merle Nethercutt Norman, was one of the first women in cosmetics and a true innovator. In addition to creating breakthrough products, she empowered other women to begin their own businesses selling her cosmetic products.Merle Norman Cosmetics is one of the few companies that continues to manufacture almost all of its products and packaging in the USA and uphold its founding mission: provide quality products backed by a full satisfaction guarantee; offer a Makeover and encourage customers to “try before they buy;” and continue to give individuals the opportunity to have financial freedom with owning their own Studio.From powder to polish, mascara to moisturizer, Merle Norman continues to create technologically advanced skin care and color cosmetics that meet the ongoing needs of diverse customers.

Catalog Of Merle Norman

My Experience:
When I went to Al-Fatah,one of the salesman asked me that do you know about Merle Norman?I was like no I never heard that brand before so he said go straight to the tester stand,that saleswoman will demonstrate you each and every thing about the brand.Then she almost demonstrate me each and everything about the brand and I tested their products which in my opinion is perfect.She also told me that they also have their studio in Karachi.And then she gave me their catalog.

Merle Norman Tester Stand

Merle Norman Tester Stand

Merle Norman Lipsticks And Lip Polish
Google Image

Merle Norman Brushes
Google Image

Merle Norman Lip Polishes
Google Image

Merle Norman Skin Care Products
Google Image

Merle Norman Eyeshadows
Google Image

Merle Norman Make up Products
Google Image

Merle Norman Products
Google Image

Merle Norman Eye Shadows and Eye Liner
Google Image

Merle Norman Fragrance and  Body Cream
Google Image

Merle Norman Foundation Range
Google Image

Merle Norman Products
Google Image

I didn't ask her the prices for the products as I was in the rush plus tired too cause we returned from Bhurban.I was not in the mood to visit Centaurus but my cousins and Uncle wanted to see the Al-Fatah and they wanted to compare with the other Al-Fatah which is in Lahore.
For more details you can check their Facebook page and their website(Click here).Do visit Al-Fatah and test the products yourself.
So I hope you'll like this post!
So what do you think about the brand!
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  1. Awesome pics! So beautiful:)


  2. As I´ve never heard of the brand, it´s hard to say ;) xoxo KJ


  3. I had never heard of it before either...but the products sure look nice! Wouldn´t mind trying it out :)


  4. I didnt sow that brand before. Have a nice day.


  5. Such delicious stuff, especially the lip candy!

  6. A great post, I love makeup! I have posted a post of exclusive bridal Net a Porter! I follow your blog :)



  7. I love your blog. I m new follower
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  8. I love Merle Norman products! I use their eyeliners and love them!


  9. Thank you for sharing. I actually had never heard of this brand before and it's awesome to learn about the woman behind it.

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