Sunday, 21 February 2016

Banila Co. Clean it Zero Special Kit - Review

Hey my beauties!!

Today I'm here to share with you guys the review on Banila co. Clean it zero makeup remover balms which I recently got it from In case if you're not familiar with the then is a online store which deals in all Korean beauty brands like etude house, tony moly, banila co. etc. I heard very good things about banila co. makeup remover balms so instead of giving a try to a larger size container I opted to give it a try to sample size. My eyes just caught up when I saw this kit which contains their entire sample size makeup remover balm range. So lets scroll down to find my thoughts!

So the kit contains four sample size balms:
  • Original for combination skin
  • Purity for sensitive skin
  • Resveratrol for oily skin
  • Radiance for dry skin

These balms are the nice switch up from cleansing oil! These balm makeup remover breaks down the makeup. Texture wise its so beautiful as it whisks away dirt, oil, and makeup.
These balms does contain mineral oil as the main ingredient and does have a subtle fresh fragrance which I don’t think will disturb sensitive users overly much.This starts out as a solid balm-y cleanser but once applied it breaks down and melts into a creamy cleansing oil texture. It’s amazing. You can give yourself a nice facial massage with this as you remove your makeup as it has a slick texture that glides onto skin easily. One of the reason’s I love it is because the balmy texture breaks down so easily. It really gives you the best of the balm makeup remover world and the cleansing oil one too as it has a dual formula. These balms can remove waterproof makeup with ease!





Below is the pictorial describing how to use these balm removers:
  1. Take a scoop of a balm. 
  2. Start massaging it over the makeup area you will see that it will change in to the oil as you massage!
  3. Rinse it with luke warm water. When rinsing you'll see that it will emulsifies, goes milky!
  4. Tadaaa! Makeup is removed now with out leaving your skin dry!

My Ratings:

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*pr samples*


  1. Love it. Such a cute packagingšŸ˜

  2. Love the balms want to try one

  3. great post with honest detail dear how about we follow each other?

  4. Your photography is amazing. I would love to try these makeup removing balms :)