Wednesday, 17 February 2016

How to clean your makeup brushes!

Hey my beauties!!

As we all know that cleaning your makeup brushes is way too important! Cleaning makeup brushes will not only remove the dirt and makeup but it also removes bacteria as well. To keep our skin healthy eliminating bacteria or dirt from makeup brushes is way too important so you can say its a must skin hack! So today I'm here to share with you guys how to clean your makeup brushes. I'd tried a lot of DIYS but none worked. So I started looking for something to clean my make up brushes I came across a lot of spa gloves and etc but they were not pocket friendly. Recently I found such thing on Born Pretty Store and I was hooked to this brush egg. Not only that this brush egg is pocket friendly but its so cute and travel friendly. This little bomb of happiness works like wonders! So below is the pictorial for that, I'm using this brush egg and baby shampoo to clean my make up brushes. So let's scroll find!

How to Clean?
1. Wet you makeup brushes with water and apply one drop of baby shampoo.
2. Now rub your brush against this brush egg. The brush egg has two patterns on it. The lined pattern is for cleaning your face brushes and dotted pattern is for cleaning your eye makeup brushes.
3. Rub your face brush against the lined pattern on brush egg. You'll see the makeup and dirt coming out of brush.
4. Now rub your eye makeup brushes against dotted pattern.
5. Wash your makeup brushes with luke warm water
6. Leave these wet brushes to air dry
7. Tadaaaa! Your brushes are cleaned and ready to be used again!

OHHHH! Did I tell you that my brushes got new room? I found this cute yet trendy makeup brushes holder from Born Pretty Store. You can use this holder to store your pencils, nail art brushes etc. Its so versatile! It comes in different colors. Love the quality and I adore this Holder. Its a must have and worth buying!

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