Saturday, 1 October 2016

Unboxing Of Owl Post - Monthly Subscription Box

Hello Everyone!

Its been a while since I've blog about anything. Well I was much busy with my exams and I couldn't get time to blog any post! Anyway, back to the business! Today I'm here to share with you guys the un boxing of owl post which is a Lahore based Monthly subscription box! The more exciting thing about this box is that its inspired by Harry Potter. So if you're a Harry Potter fanatic and bookish too then this will be your cup of tea! So lets scroll down to find whats inside the box!

Following are the contents of Owl Post August Box (theme: fantastical utopia)

  1. And I Darken By Kiersten White
  2. Mason Glass Jar
  3. Magnetic Bookmarks
  4. Just One More Chapter Sticker
  5. Nerd Card
  6. All Black And White Card By Asma Atif
  7. Owl Post Stickers
  8. Inspirational Art Print

So I hope you'll like this post!
Do let me know what do you think about this owlpost box!

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