Saturday, 19 November 2016

Back To School ft. Born Pretty Store

Hello everyone!

Today I'm here to share with you guys Back to School essentials mainly stationery which I ordered from my favorite online store Born Pretty Store!
So lets scroll down to see what I ordered this time!
First thing is I love milk correction tape which looks like actual milk pack hehe adorable isn't it!

Since I'm a huge fan of macaroons so I also ordered this macaroon eraser as well!

Third thing which I ordered is this lead  pencil but this is not a typical lead pencil. Its a clutch pencil and has pencil cores too. Love it!

Fourth Essential is this Cat Wooden Ruler which is something to die for!

Back to school essentials are incomplete with out a Starry Sky Pen so I ordered a pen as well!

And yes I ordered a starry sky notebook to match with my starry sky pen!

And now here comes my favorite part! I also ordered this super cute Deli Panda Stapler. My heart skipped a beat when I first saw this so opted to purchase it!

Last but not the least is this PVC File folder which I ordered from Born Pretty Store!

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