Monday, 16 January 2017

Unboxing Of Kawaii Box & Giveaway

Hello everyone!

Today I'm here to share with you guys the unboxing of cutest subscription box which is the Kawaii Box. Its very affordable. If you've been following me on my Instagram then you might know I love kawaii things. So today not only I will do unboxing but also I'm giving one kawaii box too. Yes!! The awesome crew over at kawaii box hooked me up with a box to review and one to giveaway, the giveaway button is on the very end of the post so please scroll/read the entire post. So hold your breath and lets scroll to find what's inside the box. I know you guys must be excited just like me :D

Lets start counting the items in it, OMG 11 items!!

1. DIY Korean Cupcake Set:
As you all know that I love doing DIY's and this one is the cutest DIY! Look at those miniature cute contents!

2. Peep Out! Animal Stick Markers:
OMG!! Look at those Stick markers aren't these adorable! I'm a biggest fan of cute stationery and this is totally a must have!

3. Harajuku Hair Accessories:
Love these pins and hair band. I'm definitely going to give these to my niece. I just love the color pink because pink is the new black!

4. Happy Whistle Key Chain:
This is just a keychain with a clip, whistle and two smiley faces. Definitely going to clip this on my back bag!

5. Pastel Eraser Pen:
I can never have enough erasers! This erasers comes in a pen form. It is more handy!

6. Cute Milk 2 Color Pen:
This pen has two sides with blue and red ink!

7. Fruit Shaped Sharpener:
Yet another stationery item in the box. Love those Fruit shaped sharpeners.

8. Meiji Candy Box

9.Bananya Plush Charm:
And here comes my favorite item the bananya plushie charm. Bananya is a kitten who loves to live in banana.

10. Kawaii Christmas Stickers:
These are so cute but since I don't celebrate Christmas so I'll giveaway these to someone who really does celebrates Christmas!

11. Kracie Popin' Cookin' DIY Pudding Flan Parfait Kit:
This seems fun to make. I'll try this out!

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