Monday, 6 February 2012

4U2 Glitz 2 color Eyeshadow-Review and Swatches.

Hello my make up geeks!!
Today I'm giving a product review on 4u2 Glitz 2 color Eye shadow.If you're looking for affordable, good quality eye shadows,then 4u2 is a must try.The Palette is super cute,The other palettes feature different colored stripes and outfits too - a nice little bonus for the collector types among us!The palette comes with a tiny applicator.

4u2 Glitz 2 color Eye shadow

4u2 Glitz 2 color Eye shadow

4u2 Glitz 2 color Eye shadow

4u2 Glitz 2 color Eye shadow

4u2 Glitz 2 color Eye shadow(Swatch)

My thoughts:
Its Color payoff is fantastic! With or without primer, it’s pretty much the same. The only problem I have with their eye-shadows is that all their shades are either frost or shimmer. I hope they come out with more finishes (matte, satin, etc) because I swear these are greatest eye-shadows you could get. The texture is great for blending, even with your hands. However, be careful when traveling with it as it has a tendency to break off. Great color combinations. I actually have a hard time choosing which eye-shadow duo I’ll buy because the color combinations are fantastic.Cute packaging. Their target market is primarily teens, Since I am a teenager so I love their products they are awesome I must say!!!

My Ratings: 


I bought this from Shaheen Chemist F-6 Islamabad,Pakistan. 


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