Monday, 27 February 2012

L'Oreal Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral makeup(The flawless starter kit in light ivory collection 458)-Reviews

When I first saw this kit I didn't give that much interest to it and started to use the testers of other foundations.I usually don't use that much foundations so for the first time when I was looking for foundations for me so I was pretty confused..But when I saw this Kit again I was amazed that this kit includes blush  and finish along with foundation and it was affordable for me also so I thought why should I purchased such expensive foundations  without no offers along with them..As this kit was about 1440Rs and other foundations are about 1100Rs some are 1500Rs so I decided to purchased this kit and now I have this kit in my stash:P

This flawless starter kit includes:
1.One full -size Bare Naturale Gentle mineral makeup in Light Ivory
2.One travel-size Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Blush in pinched pink
3.One travel-size Bare Naturale Gentle Soft focus Mineral Finish in Translucent
Here is the packaging of this kit:

And it peeps out like this:

1.Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Makeup in light ivory:

2.Bare naturale Gentle Mineral Blush in pinched pink:


Bare Naturale Gentle Soft-Focus Mineral Finish in Translucent:

My thoughts:

This provides full coverage but not for the oily skins and skins having acne as I am quite fair and my skin is not oily and I don't have any acne on my face so It works best on me but still I am searching for some other foundations which works perfect on me.The only problem I have with them is that their brushes are so hard and it ruins all my makeup and causes scratches.So I started to use another brushes which are soft:)

I bought this from Khattak chemist RWP,Pakistan

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