Sunday, 16 December 2012

Essence Makeup Removers-Review

Hello my makeup geeks!!
Today I'm going to give a review on Essence make up removers that is Essence Eye Make up remover and My skin cleansing gel.Both are for the same purpose that is removing make up.

Essence Soft Cleansing Gel and Essence Eye Makeup Remover

 My skin Soft Cleansing Gel:
I'm going to start with Essence My skin Soft Cleansing Gel.Well this gel has Cucumber and lime in it which can deeply cleans the skin.This gel thoroughly frees our skin from dirt and makeup.With the extract of cucumber and lime,it provides the skin with intensive moisture.The scent of it is delicious and fresh.It contains 150 ml which is enough in my opinion.The product says that it is suitable for all skin types.But the gel contains alcohol in it which may not be well suited for some skin types.When I purchased the gel I was little afraid that it might burn because of alcohol.But contrary to the expectations,it works well-eye shadows easily goes down.The cleaning effect is really good,the skin is completely cleaned of the layers of makeup.And that is the best part of it.The worst part is that after applying the gel,the skin becomes dry so moisture promise is missing in it which disappoints me.But we can fix by applying moisturizer after the usage.Here is tip of application:
Apply a drop of gel on the wet face and gently massage in with light circular movements.

Essence My skin Soft Cleansing Gel

Essence My skin Soft Cleansing Gel

Essence My skin Soft Cleansing Gel(Texture and Color of Gel)

My Ratings:
Purchased from Hayees,F-7,Islamabad

Essence Eye Make up Remover:
With the extracts of Camomile Essence Eye Make up Remover gently removes especially non-waterproof makeup whilst soothing the delicate eye area.without oily residue so that fresh makeup can applied immediately after.That remover comes in the plastic 125 ml Bottle.I'm pretty impressed by the packaging.As it is not for the purpose of removing water proof eye make up that is mascara,eyeliner etc,most of the people    are not satisfied by this product,But there is another version of Essence Eye make up remover to choose from which removes water proof makeup and is not oil free.Anyways in my opinion oil free one is far most the best one as it is cheap and good and and and anyone can afford that especially students like me!The application is super easy you just have to apply to a cotton pad and gently wipe over closed eyelid.

Essence Eye Makeup Remover

Essence Eye Makeup Remover

My Ratings:
Purchased from the Medi Plus,Al Amin Plaza,Saddar,Rawalpindi,Pakistan

So in your opinion which one is best.Essence My skin soft cleansing gel or Essence Eye make up Remover?
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  1. Oh this is great! I wear waterproof mascara so I think the first one is definitely for me.