Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Happy Holiday Season-Holiday Glitter Nails Tutorial

Hello my make up geeks!!
Happy Holiday Season :)
Today I'm going to give you a tutorial on Holiday Glitter Nails which is super easy and the products which I've used are affordable and cheap.

Holiday Glitter Nails

Things that I've used:
  • Medora Top Coat
  • Danny Glitter

Things that I've used!

How to achieve holiday glitter nails

How to achieve this?
1.Apply Medora top coat on the nails.You can use any other Top Coat of your own choice.
2.Then dip your nail quickly in Danny Glitter Pod,You can use any glitter in any color of your own choice.Remember don't apply top coat an all Nails at a time other wise the top coat will dried out and no such glitter will stick .You've to apply topcoat on one nail at a time and then dip the nail in the pod.
3 and 4.Take out the nail and clean the excess glitter on the cuticle area with the help of damp Cotton bud or tissue.
5.Repeat the steps on other Nails to get the glittery sparkly nails.
If you find difficult to clean glitter as it sticks on your skin,you can cover your fingers with the help of the paper tape.

I hope you'll like the tutorial!
So what are your plans for holiday season?
Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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  1. Sooper easy n lovelyy :)


  2. I just can't get enough of glitter :)
    XX Domenic