Friday, 22 February 2013

DIY: How To Wash Make Up Brushes!

Hey my make up geeks!

How To Wash Make Up Brushes

Dirty Make up brushes are always a big problem as they transfer old make up,germs and bacteria.Want to avoid this?Yes you want to so here I'm with my another DIY: How to Clean Make Up Brushes.I just found this method on pinterest so I thought it would be great if I share with you guys.

So let's get started!

Products That I've Used:

Products That I've  Used

  • Tops synthetic vinegar
  • Max dish wash liquid soap
  • A glass of hot water
  • Measuring spoons
  • Dirty make up brushes

Mix one table spoon of vinegar and one table spoon of dish wash liquid with one glass of hot water.

Solution of vinegar,Dish wash liquid soap and hot water

Soak your dirty brushes in to above solution for 3-5 mins.

Soaked brushes in solution

When the brushes are soaked.Take out the brushes and you'll see the dirty solution.This means that old make up has been removed and brushes are free from germs and bacteria as vinegar is a key ingredient to kill germs in this DIY.

Dirty Solution

Rinse the make up brushes with warm water and lay them flat on old towel for one night.

Lay Brushes Flat On Old Towel

And that's it your done!
Other than this method there is also a olive oil and Dish wash liquid soap method.In this method you just have to mix olive oil and liquid dish wash soap in small quantities on a plate.After that you've to rub  your make up brushes on that mixture in circular motions and then rinse with them with water.I didn't try this method as I was afraid to try this cause I've local brand make up brushes called Luscious Cosmetics which are not of good quality and also they don't have tendency to resist such methods cause of their weak bristles.

So I hope you'll try this vinegar method and will find it as effective as I've found!
So what do you think about this vinegar method?
Share your thoughts by commenting below!

P.S: That hand woven wall hanging shown on the very first photo is made by my sister Maria.

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