Sunday, 10 February 2013

Pink Sparkle Nails For Valentine's Day

Hey my make up geeks!!
Today I'm going to share with you the quick and easy nails for Valentine's Day which are Pink Sparkle Nails.These nails are especially for the ones who loves sparkle and glittery nails.

So Lets get Started!

Products That I've Used:

Products That I've Used

  • Medora pink nail polish
  • Medora Top Coat
  • Danny Glitter
  • Fluffy Brush

Pink Sparkle Nails For Valentine's Day

 How to attain?
Apply Medora Pink Nail Polish on the nails
Step#2: When the previous coat of pink polish is dry,apply top coat on the nails.
Step#3: After that dust the glitter with the help of fluffy brush on the  nails while the top coat is wet so that the glitter will stick on the nails.
Step#4:Blow out the excess glitter.

Pink Sparkle Nails For Valentine's Day

And that's it.You're all done and ready to go on a Valentine's day.
Enjoy your Pink Sparkle Nails!
So I hope you'll like them!
So what do you think about the sparkle nails?
Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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  1. Great the post, so enchanting!

  2. This looks so pretty AND it's an easy nail tutorial that I can actually do, yay! :)

  3. those are sooo pretty! perfect for valentines!

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  5. reallu nice nails!


  6. I wish I was better at doing my own nails. I always mess up my right hand whenever I try to get fancy. ;)

    Very pretty stuff!


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  7. Great post! I love glitter gradient nails like this. :)