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DIY: How To Make Eid Treat Packs For Kids

Hey my lovely readers!
Happy Eid!

DIY: How To Make Eid Treat Packs For Kids

As you all know that only one day is left in Eid in Pakistan so in today's post I've bring DIY for you lovelies which is on 'How To Make Eid Treat Packs For Kids'. Treat your kids with happiness. Hehe none of my siblings are married yet but my cousins have a lot of kids so on every  Eid I love to make some treat packs for them. This will be the most yummiest post ever! Hehe :D. Let's scroll down to see the full DIY!

Things Required:
  • Yummy stuff ( It could be candies, chocolates, lollipops, Jellies etc)
  • Thin Transparent Sheets
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Crepe Paper

Things Required

1. Cut the crepe papers in to square shaped chunks. Try to get crepe paper in different colors as this will create a colorful effect.
2. Mix the square shaped chunks crepe paper of different colors together.
3. Take the transparent sheets out, cut it in square shaped and layered that mixture of square shaped chunks of crepe paper on it. Now put that yummy stuff on it. Wrap it like a sack and then seal the opening of pack with ribbon.
4. Repeat the above steps for other packs and wohooo! you'e done with these Eid Treat Packs.

Cut the crepe paper in to square shaped chunks

Mix the chunks

Wrap the yummy stuff

Almost Wrapped Treat Pack

Woohooo! Almost done with wrapping these treat packs

So I hope you'll find this post totally fun and helpful!
Have you decided how to treat kids on this Eid yet?
Share your thoughts by commenting below!

Eid Mubarak!

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  1. So pretty and fun post sis. Love it. Keep rocking :)

  2. This is so cute. I will do it when I have loads kids over at my place xx

  3. Thanks for sharing. Very good idea. :)

    I am Jenniya

  4. Lovely!! I'd wish to receive one of these haha x

    Zubia | The Bedside Dreams

  5. That's fun, wish I was a kid now! :p

  6. Loved this post! Everything is soo colorful and bright :) you should do more diys!

  7. My daughter would love the pieces of colored paper, she is creative... these are some great ideas for birthday party favors too :)

  8. That's such a lovely idea, I'll definitely try it our in the future :)

  9. cute DIY.I love such posts.I love the whole look of your blog.The pink background with polka dots ^_^ Following you :)

  10. They're very cute...neat idea <3

  11. Such a great DIY! I have a whole of candy lovers over I guess i need to make 'em these. Thanks a bunch :)

  12. Lovely...will try it next Eid for sure:)

  13. That is sucha simple and good idea! <3 :D