Monday, 5 August 2013

Guest Post: Product Review On Eye Lash Extensions By Saman Ansari

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Eye Lash Extensions Review

Today we have absolutely gorgeous Saman Ansari with us from All Made Up By Saman Ansari. Saman Ansari is an internationally renowned MAC PRO Artist with her TV show on Oxygene TV. She offers her exclusive Bridal makeup services in Dubai, Islamabad and across the USA. Saman is going to share with you dolls a product review on Eye Lash Extensions. So, up to Saman!

So for some one who has worn strip falsies since 1990, coming across the option of DIY eyelash extensions was both exciting and very doable. I mean think about it, semi permanent meant if I hated them I could remove them without crying at the loss of an average of $300 for a professional application.

Ordered them online, the surgical grade semi permanent glue was about $7 USD and the individual human hair lashes were about $6. Does it get any better?

Unlike strip lashes or individual false eyelashes that are removable, these ones have to be applied on the actual lashes and not on that lash line.

I ordered the clear glue (option of dark is also available) and the long lashes (I am a bit of a dramatic one).
The glue comes with a tiny holding tray, so I squeezed out a pea size amount on that, lifted a lash cluster with the tweezers, dipped the knotted end into the glue, and then looking at the magnifying mirror applied to the outer most upper lashes of the eye.

Waited about 10 secs, repeated with another lash. Did about 6 lashes on each eye bringing the application to just about mid eye. The glue dried to clear.

Final Look Of Lashes On Saman


Few of the lashes got spaced too far apart so I went in and added some in between, one turned sideways so I removed it and re-applied. But nothing was horrifically challenging.

The lashes stayed put through washing the face, applying oil free moisturizer, sleeping and eyelash curling, mascara application for about 36 hours. Then they started falling off and at 48 hours I just used some oil based eye makeup remover to gently pull them all off.

Review rating:

4 stars just because my view of semi permanent is at least a week but other than that, the pricing, ease of use and ease of removal all were great.

Saman Ansari


  1. Saman u make me "go-get-it" thanks for sharing :)

  2. great review.I am seriously considering falsies and these sound better.xoxo

  3. Individual lashes are always amazing. They seem so real opposed to just false lashes. Nice review!

  4. Thank you ladies! They were fun to try on so go ahead lash out with these :)

  5. She's diva :). Saman you're precious. Great post :)