Wednesday, 14 August 2013

NOTD: Happy Independence Day!

Hey my lovely readers!
Happy Independence Day Pakistanis!

NOTD: Happy Independence Day

As we all Pakistanis know that today is 14 August 2013 which is our independence day and Happy Birthday of Pakistan. So today I'm here with another nail of the day post which is inspired by flag of Pakistan. So let's scroll down to see today's NOTD!

Products Required:
  • Gallery Colours White Lightning Nail Polish
  • Flormar Neon Green Nail Polish 
  • Medora Top Coat
  • Green Micro Beads
  • Star Studs from Studs Nail Art Box

Products Required

How to attain?
1. Paints your nails with 2 coats of Gallery Colours White Lightning Nail Polish. 
2. When these coats dried out. Paint your nail tips with Flormar Neon Green Nail Polish except the nail tips of ring finger.
3. Now stick one star stud on the nail tips of all fingers except ring finger.
4. Apply the top coat at the end nails of all fingers except ring finger.
5. Now moving towards the ring finger nail. Apply top coat on it and when its wet stick some green micro beads on it. Wait for 5 mins so the nail polish on all your nails completely dries. And Voila!! you're done with these patriotic Nails!

NOTD: Happy Independence Day

So I hope you'll like today's NOTD!
So what are your plans on this independence day Pakistanis?
Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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  1. woww its brilliant happy independence day <3

  2. Mahnoor, you always do your nails up so pretty... these are just so cool... I love the neon green :)

  3. Awww so adorable ^_^ x Happy Independence Day!

  4. your nail looks so adorable
    happy independence day...:)

  5. the beads look fantastic, love this mani:)

  6. mmm lovely blog!
    mb you follow me?
    and i follow you back!

  7. beautiful nail art!:) happy indipendence day♥ you've got such a cute blog, do you want to follow each other? if yes, please let me know;)

  8. is so pretty :)

  9. so lovely manicure ^^
    i love it really :)


  10. Hey. Congratulation.
    I nominated to you for The Versatile Blogger Award.
    Check my blog for more info.