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Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes In DEEP WARM TAUPE E105 - Review

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Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes In DEEP WARM TAUPE E105

Today I'm going to give a review on Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes In Deep Warm Taupe E105. So lets scroll down to find what product says and what are my thoughts regarding this product.

What product says?
The lifting, firming and protecting Creamy Eyes formula glides on like velvet. Even a thin layer of this formula is extremely long-wearing and will stay fixed until taken off with a cleanser. Creamy Eyes is ideal for a quick smoky eye, providing sufficient playtime before drying.Creamy Eyes can also be used like a thick pencil. Active ingredients like Para Cress flower extract stimulates natural skin-lifting capabilities.Coffee extract works to increase collagen and elastin production while also increasing natural skin defenses. Extreme wear is delivered through the synthetic filming polymers in volatile oils. The spongy soft mousse-like consistency of the texture is achieved through the innovative siliconic wax and siliconic gel in combination with beeswax.

Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes In DEEP WARM TAUPE E105

Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes In DEEP WARM TAUPE E105

Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes In DEEP WARM TAUPE E105 (Applicator)

My Thoughts:
Starting with the packaging, it comes in a silver metal like plastic bullet shaped pen which in my opinion is unique and royal. I'm really impressed by its packaging. The product inside the pen is only 2.8 ml. Inside the pen is the brush applicator which helps to apply the product on the eyes. The bases twist to push the product in to brush applicator but initially it takes 10-15 twists to come through the brush applicator. E105 is a deep warm taupe color which is grayish brownish color and that color looks similar to the the color of milk chocolate. The texture is so velvety. The pigmentation is amazing. The color is so rich. It's very long lasting. When I tried to remove the swatch from my arm with the water, it didn't get removed. So that means it is also water proof. But I removed the swatch by rubbing it with soap. It is also crease proof. I'd tried some creamy eye shadows but they weren't crease proof and they remained wet. But this one dries out and it don't make crease plus I don't feel any heaviness after applying it on my eyes. You can apply this on your lid or you can use it as a eyeliner. There is no need to put primer before applying it cause even without primer it stays for many hours. But you can apply primer before it if you want to. The negative point of that product is that it comes out from the brush applicator like a thick mousse and its tricky to apply it directly on the eyelid. But you can put a little bit on the back of your hand and then apply it on your eyelid with your ring finger or brush applicator. Overall its a marvelous product which I'm in love these days.

Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes In DEEP WARM TAUPE E105 (Swatch)

You can purchase this product online from Ellis Faas Official Website.
Price: $36
My Ratings: 4.25/5
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  1. i never saw this product here in qatar but it sounds great :)

  2. I have never had luck with cream eye shadows... the reason being, I want it to go on with the applicator without having to use my fingers... I like that this one lasts so long but the price will keep me from buying it:/

    Great review Mahnoor :)

  3. The packaging does seem really great and functional to use.

  4. The packaging is unique and lovely, great review!:) xx

    The Bedside Dreams

  5. Sounds great <3


  6. Ellis Faas no doubtedly is one of my favorite high end brand and I absolutely adore their milky lips and silky veil foundation!!! Thanks for the wonderful review xx

  7. This is such a pretty color! xx

  8. Really pretty and wearable shade!:) xx