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Sweet Color Lolita Series Eco-Friendly Candy Nail Polish By - Review + Swatch

Hey my nail polish geeks!

Sweet Color Lolita Series Eco-Friendly Candy Nail Polish By

Today I'm here with another review post which is Sweet Color Lolita Series Eco-Friendly Candy Nail Polish By So let's scroll down to find what product says and what are my thoughts regarding this product.

What product says?
  • Professional quality nail polish ingredients which give glossy and long-lasting nail color.
  • Comes with brush making nail art fast and easy for everyone.
  • Allow you to create beautiful nail designs in short time.

Sweet Color Lolita Series Eco-Friendly Candy Nail Polish By

Sweet Color Lolita Series Eco-Friendly Candy Nail Polish By

My Thoughts:
Starting with the packaging, it comes in glass pot with the glittery golden cap which is so adorable. I just love the packaging. It looks super cute on my dresser. The brush is the same which most polishes have i.e it is not   flat but one stoke can cover my whole nail which is positive point about it. The lolita series contains pastel plus bright colors but I chose pastel green as pastel colors are so in fashion and it reminds me the color of icecream which gives me yummy feeling. The color is super pretty. The consistency of the nail polish is thin. The texture is super glossy. I've to apply 2-3 coats to make my nails super opaque. And it takes 3-4 minutes to be dry out completely. In the below image I'd not apply base coat or top coat but only applied 2-3 coats of nail polish. The formula of nail polish is good enough. There is no need to apply base coat and top coat to use with this nail polish but still if you want extra perfect effect then you can use the top coat and base coat with this nail polish on your choice. You can make hundreds of nail art by using this polish. I'd also created nail art by using this polish (click here). Overall, the nail polish is fantastic. I'm in love with the color. 

Sweet Color Lolita Series Eco-Friendly Candy Nail Polish By (Swatch)

You can purchase this nail polish from
Price: $6.14
My Ratings: 4.25/5

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Disclaimer: This is a PR sample provided to me by a PR company for review purpose. But my opinion is not affected by this. My opinion is 100% honest and genuine.


  1. I haven't seen this but I love light green nail polish... it's so pretty;-)

  2. This is a really pretty colour.

  3. That is such a pretty color and a cute bottle too :)
    Sounds like a great buy!

  4. Nice and sweet and lovely color dear! :)

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  5. awww bottle looks sso cute :) love the color

  6. this is so the packaging too...

  7. That's a very pretty colour! xx

  8. Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
    I'm in LOVE with that colour!

    Have a great day,

  9. that color is super duper pretty!
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  10. So lovely mint color ^^

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  11. Love the packaging and colour Mahnoor :)

  12. Green pastels are my fav! Any kimd of pastels though :) haha

  13. Amazing nail polish!:D - Can I ask You to like my facebook page?:)

  14. The packaging's definitely cute, and it's a lovely color, clearly!