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Venus Eye Contact Lenses In Grey By Pinkyparadise.com - Review

Hey my make up geeks!

Venus Eye Contact Lenses In Grey By Pinkyparadise.com 

Today I'm here with another review post which is on the Venus eye circle lenses in grey by pinkyparadise.com. So let's scroll down to find what product says and what are my thoughts regarding the product.

What product says?
Venus Eye sparkling circle lenses look just like they've fallen from heaven and so will you! No one will be able to resist the allure of your glittery peepers and everyone will want to know your secret. This unique range has 9 colors (Click Here) in just one design, the widest range of color selection there is! You won't find that anywhere else making these lenses the perfect addition to your collection.

Venus Eye Contact Lenses In Grey By Pinkyparadise.com (In the cutie animal lenses case)

Venus Eye Contact Lenses In Grey By Pinkyparadise.com (Closer) 

My Thoughts:
Starting with the packaging, the circle lens comes in a glass bottle sealed with the cork, steel sheet and plastic cap immersed in a buggered isotonic saline solution. You've to soak the lenses in multi purpose solution for 8 hours that's why I unsealed the packaging in the excitement and forget to take the picture of the packaging. The bottles I showed you in the very first image are empty and unsealed but still I captured the picture to give you the idea how the lenses comes in. The color I picked is Venus Eye Grey but there are other colors to choose from (Click Here). The diameter of the circle lens is 14.0 mm which gives my eyes a really dolly effect and more shine to my eyes. And my eyes look bigger and even more beautiful. Venus eye series are natural colored lenses which merge with your eye color giving not a striking and weird effect to your eyes while wearing. The grey one just merge with my eye color giving a greenish grey effect as my natural iris color is hazel. I'd used many lenses but when I used it first, I feel I've inserted something in my eyes for few seconds but then I didn't feel that I'm wearing anything in my eyes at all. My eyes takes few seconds to get used to with new lens. I don't feel any pain or discomfort level in my eyes. I got these lenses with out prescription as my eye sight is not weak but if you got weak eye sight then you can choose the prescription for left eye and right eye and then they will prepare for you the right lenses to fit in your beautiful eyes. I think that lenses are must when your wearing make up cause they will pop your eye make up and enhance the beauty of your eyes. And yes I also got the adorable cutie animal lens case for free to keep my lenses in it. The life of these lenses are 1 year that is you've to dispose them after 1 year. Overall, this product is fab and I've no such problems with it

Tips to wear lenses for the beginners: 
  • Always wash your hands before inserting your lenses in to your eyes. Wear lenses before applying make up. When you remove them wash them with multi purpose solution by putting some drops of multi purpose solution on lens and then rub them in the palm for 15 seconds to kill any germs. Then soak them in the multi purpose solution in the lens case.
  • If you feel any discomfort remove them immediately. After removal, check if the lens has been soaked for at least 8 hours, or turned inside out, or any visibly damaged i.e. nicks or tears. Try the discomfort lens on the other eye and see if the discomfort persist.
  • NEVER swim with lenses in eyes.
  • NEVER wear lenses in sauna/ steam room.
  • NEVER wear more than 8 hours a day.
  • NEVER sleep with your lenses while they are in your eyes.
  • NEVER share your lens with others.

For Insertion Of Lenses:
  • Have cleaned hands (recommended to have short nail).
  • Have a mirror.
  • Check and see if the lens are in correct position, which means to avoid turn inside-out.
  • Always start with the right eye to prevent mix up.
  • Put lens on your index finger.
  • Use middle finger to pull the lower eye lid and the other hand to pull the upper eye lid.
  • Put in the lens, and do not blink. Slowly but steady.
  • Try to put it from the bottom before the top part.
  • Blink your eye to adjust the lens position (Few blinks will help the lens adjust itself).
  • Do all the above steps for your left eye.

For Removal Of Lenses: 

  • Have cleaned hands (recommended short nail).
  • Have a mirror.
  • Remove the lens from your right eyes.
  • Bring your index finger close to the eye until touches the lens.
  • Slide the lens down to the lower white part of eye.
  • Do not blink.
  • Gently squeeze the lens between your thumb and index finger, then remove it.
  • Remove the other lens for the same procedure as above.

Venus Eye Contact Lenses In Grey By Pinkyparadise.com (My eye with Venus Circle Lens In Grey)

You can purchase this from pinkyparadise.com
Price: $25.90
My Ratings: 4.25/5

Use Code mahnoorshaul to get one adorable cutie animal lens case and one mystery gift for free with any purchase of circle lenses. They have vast variety of circle lenses. So if you're interested in purchasing them so visit pinkyparadise.com to avail the opportunity.

So I hope you'll like this post!
Have you ever used circle lenses before?
Share your thoughts by commenting below!

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Disclaimer: This is the PR sample provided to me by a PR company for review purpose. But my opinion is not affected by this. My opinion is 100% genuine and honest.


  1. these lenses sounds good and the case is too cute :)

  2. your eyes are red did the lens suit u??

    1. Yes they did. My eyes are red due to tiredness. I've so much work to do these days. That's the only reason.

  3. Preciosos post, me encantó!
    Abrazos miles.


  4. So cute! :)


  5. Mahnoor... I used to wear contact lenses for 10 years, my first pair were purple... I loved them... I haven't worn a pair for years... I love how we can change the color of our eyes:)

  6. suites u so well :) nice review :)

  7. these are looking good on you...nice eview

  8. they are so so cuuuute !!
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  9. Really pretty lenses, I like it! And I like that case, sweet :)


  10. So lovely color ^^

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  11. Ive never tried lenses before, these look really interesting and suit you so well!Thanks for your kind visit doll, hope your week is going well :)

  12. Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
    Wow, these look so special on you!

    Have a great day,

  13. Looks natural on you..I already need to wear regular ones for my eye sight...


  14. So cute!!! They look great, I didn t know about it

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  16. I've just made the switch from glasses to lenses. Perfect timing!

  17. I love Circle lenses! I use them for my cosplays :) This one's nice Mahnoor :)
    Keep in touch dear!
    Happy weekend! (^_~)v

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