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Guest Post - 'All That Sparkles By B' War Of Liners

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War Of Liners

Today we have such a beautiful and adorable blogger Batul Fazal from All that sparkles By B who is going to share with us a mind blowing post on war of liners. So up to Batul now.

Eyes are one of the most important and prominent features of a face. They are the windows to ones souls. And in the world of beauty they are equally important.Eyeliners have been used to enhance the beauty of eyes from centuries. From the pharaohs of Egypt to queens and princess in Asia; all have used different black colored substances to line their eyes. The eye makeup has gone through different stages over the centuries. If you look recently all the previous decades had their eyeliner styles.

Different techniques are used to create different eyeliner styles; therefore different types of eyeliners have been invented to fulfill everyone’s needs. Today we look at four different type of eyeliners and their comparison.

Liquid Eyeliner :
This is eyeliner in liquid form. Usually comes in a slim bottle with the brush inside the tube itself. The brush is either with a tiny brush or felt applicator. Once most popular choice for all ladies (mainly in 80’s and 90’s) this type of eyeliner has taken a backseat with the introduction of “newcomers” in the field.

  • Very dark in pigmentation
  • Perfect for a winged liner
  • Gives a defined and precise look compared to all types
  • Long lasting compared to eye pencils
  • Can take time to dry (and if you open your eyes before it dries, horror awaits you)
  • Needs a steady hand and lots of practice to perfect the technique
  • Can melt in heat or by water easily if it’s not waterproof
  • Cannot be used for eye waterlines
  • Might give a shiny finish

War Of Liners

Marker/Felt-tip eyeliner:
These look like a “marker” or “felt-tips” literally. Felt-tip gives you the precise and holding position advantage of an eye pencil. They have the Intensity and consistency of the liquid eyeliner.

  • Easy and fast application (for girls on the go)
  • Gives a precise and intense line (for winged liner)
  • Very travel friendly

  • Dries/finishes very quickly compared to all the other eyeliners
  • Can be very runny in consistency

Pencil eyeliners/kohl:
They are soft pencils that contain waxes to ease application. They come in a wide variety of intense colours as well as paler shades such as white or beige. Wax-based eyeliners can also come in a cone or a compact with brush applicator

  • easier to put on
  • can be used on both upper and bottom waterlines of the eyes
  • Gives a smokey look

  • Smudges/fades off easily
  • It’s harder to take off
  • gives a more dull line on top of lid compared to other liners

Gel Eyeliner:

Soft gel based or thick cream liners that can be easily applied with eyeliner brush. They come in a jar and are waterproof and long lasting. Can be used both on waterlines.

  • pigmented, long lasting, and waterproof
  • control of a pencil with the intensity of a liquid liner
  • easy to apply; don’t need to be a pro with this
  • matte

  • can dry very fast in jars
  • the accurate type of brush is required for the best results
  • of no use if you lose the brush, hence they need extra tool to carry
  • does not give a defined look compared to liquid and felt-tip eyeliners

Swatches From Top To Bottom: Liquid, Felt tip, Pencil, Gel

So I hope you'll like this amazing and informative post by batul!
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  1. great post very informative :)

  2. I have never had a steady hand when putting eye liner on... I usually use a pencil. I might try the felt marker... that looks easy and lasts a little longer :)

  3. An interesting read. She is one of my favorite beauty bloggers.

  4. batul is very beautiful MASHALLAH MASHALLAH her feautres n innocency <3 n everything suits her <3

  5. Great post! Thank you very much, its so useful

  6. Thanks to share that with us :)

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  7. I knew it all. I used it (and still use it all because i so love to experiment with make up), but yet I read all post. Word by word! Very well written and matched with photos! Bravo!


    Ok, I’m a liar blog

  8. Great post, I found that because i have oily skin the pencil eyeliners melt of my face and the pen eye liners take long to dry and then I end up smudging it. I recently purchased a gel eyeliner however the sales assistant didn't advise me that I needed to purchase a brush, luckily i had on eat home.

  9. very helpful and interesting! good job Batul! thanks for sharing Mahnoor! :) x

  10. Great post! :) I do believe gel eyeliners are the best though, are those your own drawings?