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Heart,Square, Elliptic, Round, Hollow Stud Acrylic UV Gel Nail Art Box By - Review + NOTD

Hey my nail art geeks!

Heart,Square, Elliptic, Round Hollow Stud & Rhinestone Acrylic UV Gel Nail Art Box By

Today I'm here with another post which is especially for my nail art  geeks. You might have noticed that my previous post was also about nails too. This is due to my love towards  Nail Art. Its actually fun and I feel super happy! So in today's post I'm reviewing Heart,Square, Elliptic, Round, Hollow Stud Acrylic UV Gel Nail Art Box By So scroll down to find what product says and what are my thoughts regarding the product.

What product says?
Nail Decoration which is easy to apply on artificial or Natural Nails!

Heart,Square, Elliptic, Round Hollow Stud & Rhinestone Acrylic UV Gel Nail Art Box By

From left to right: Golden Mini Square Shaped Studs, Golden Round Shaped Studs, Golden Mini Round Shaped Studs & Golden Hollow Round Shaped Studs

From Left To Right: Mini Silver Round Shaped Studs, Golden Square Shaped Studs, Golden Mini Round Shaped Studs &Heart Shaped Studs

From Left To Right: Silver Square Shaped Studs, Silver Round Hollow Shaped Studs, Silver Star Shaped Studs & Golden Oval Shaped Studs

My Thoughts:
Starting with the packaging these pretty studs comes in Acrylic Wheel like packaging. There are 12 comaprtments in it. The mouth of the lid is open at one side so to choose your desire stud you have to twist the lid. In that way you can set the open mouth of the lid on your desire compartment and pick your desire stud. There are 12 different patterns or shapes of studs. The material of the studs are aluminium plated in golden and silver color. There are approximately 300 pieces of studs in that wheel like packaging which is huge enough to use them again and again. The shapes of studs are so interesting that you find them difficult to choose. I'd never seen such goodness in anywhere. The application is quite easy too. You just have to first clean the surface of the nails, apply the studds on the base polish coat and seal them off with clear top coat and viola!! you're done in attaining some chic and pretty Nail Art! Overall, this product is pretty impressive and it's a must TRY for Nail Art ADDICTS!!

NOTD By Using Golden Mini Square Shaped Studs

In the above image I'd created NOTD by using the Golden mini square shaped studs.

You can purchase this from
Price: $4.89
My Ratings: 4.75/5

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